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DIY Projects: Creating a Kids’ Television Show-Inspired Patio in Seattle

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Seattle, known for its vibrant culture and lush greenery, offers a unique backdrop for outdoor living spaces. For families, transforming a concrete patio (Click to know more)  into a kids’ television show-inspired play area can be a delightful project that combines creativity, fun, and functionality. This article will guide you through the steps to create an enchanting and engaging patio that will make your children feel like they’ve stepped into their favorite TV shows.

Creating a Kids' Television Show-Inspired Patio in Seattle

Choosing the Right Theme

The first step in creating a kids’ television show-inspired patio is to choose a theme. Consider your children’s favorite TV shows. Whether it’s the colorful world of “Paw Patrol,” the adventurous “Dora the Explorer,” or the educational “Sesame Street,” selecting a beloved show will make the project more exciting for your kids.

Planning and Designing

Once you have chosen a theme, the next step is planning and designing your patio. Sketch out a rough layout of your patio, indicating where each element of the TV show will be incorporated. For instance, if you choose “Paw Patrol,” you might include areas for each of the pups’ headquarters, a lookout tower, and a play zone with themed activities.

Prepping the Space

Before you begin any construction or decorating, make sure your concrete patio is clean and in good condition. Power wash the patio to remove dirt and grime. If there are any cracks or damage, repair them with concrete filler. This will provide a smooth and safe surface for your children to play on.

Painting the Patio

One of the most impactful ways to transform your patio is by painting it. Use durable, outdoor concrete paint to create a colorful and inviting space. You can paint the patio to resemble the setting of the TV show. For example, for a “Dora the Explorer” theme, paint a map on the ground that leads to different play areas. For a “Sesame Street” theme, paint hopscotch or a path with letters and numbers.

Creating Themed Zones

a. Character Corners: Dedicate sections of the patio to different characters or elements from the show. For instance, create a “Cookie Monster’s Kitchen” corner with play kitchen sets and fake cookies, or a “Marshall’s Fire Station” with a small tent or playhouse.

b. Activity Areas: Set up areas with activities inspired by the TV show. For a “Bluey” theme, you could have a dance zone with a Bluetooth speaker for playing music from the show, or a craft corner with supplies for making Bluey-themed crafts.

c. Interactive Elements: Include interactive elements such as a chalkboard wall where kids can draw their favorite characters, or a water play area with themed toys.

DIY Decorations and Furniture

Creating custom decorations and furniture can add a personal touch to your patio. Here are some ideas:

a. Themed Furniture: Paint old furniture to match the theme. For example, paint chairs and tables in the primary colors of “Sesame Street” or with paw prints for “Paw Patrol.”

b. DIY Props: Make props that resemble items from the show. For example, create a cardboard bus for “The Magic School Bus” or a treasure chest for “Jake and the Never Land Pirates.”

c. Custom Pillows and Cushions: Use fabric paint to decorate pillows and cushions with images or symbols from the show. These can be used for seating or as part of a cozy reading nook.

Adding Greenery

Adding Greenery

Incorporating plants and greenery can enhance the overall look and feel of your patio. Choose plants that are safe for children and that thrive in Seattle’s climate. Use planters painted to match the theme. For instance, paint flower pots to look like characters from the show, or use large planters to create a “jungle” area for an adventurous theme like “Dora the Explorer.”


Proper lighting is essential for extending playtime into the evening. Use string lights or fairy lights to create a magical atmosphere. For added fun, choose lights that match the theme’s colors. Solar-powered lights are an eco-friendly option and are easy to install.

Creating Shade

Seattle’s weather can be unpredictable, so it’s a good idea to include shaded areas on your patio. Use umbrellas, canopies, or a pergola to provide shade. You can decorate these with themed fabric or bunting to keep with the television show aesthetic.


Maintaining your themed patio is important to ensure it remains a safe and enjoyable space. Regularly clean and inspect the area, touch up any paint that may have worn off, and replace any damaged decorations or furniture.


Creating a kids’ television show-inspired patio in Seattle is a rewarding DIY project that can bring joy and excitement to your children’s outdoor playtime. By choosing a theme, planning and designing, prepping the space, and adding creative touches, you can transform a simple concrete patio into a magical world straight out of their favorite TV shows. Not only does this project foster creativity and play, but it also provides a unique and personalized space where your family can create lasting memories.

Cryptocurrency Mining Using Android Box

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Modern television has evolved a lot in recent years with recent models providing not only high-resolution displays but also being able to download software that allows users to view videos online, and most importantly browsing the web.

Bitclub Network

Nowadays, you can find all kinds of software that you can download to your Android Box, which is basically a box that runs the Android operating system. While you can download your standard media playing software into your Android Box, but for individuals who are into the Bitcoin market, mining Bitcoins for profit, they can download and sign into a service called the Bitclub Network.

What is it about?

At its core, Bitclub Network is an online service that can be accessed via computer, mobile device, and now your TV via Android Box. You simply register and log onto Bitclub Network, and you’ll be able to buy and sell Bitcoins from the comfort of your own home! And what makes it a better choice over the other Bitcoin exchange services are many things, one is that it’s one of the few online services that can be downloaded onto your Android Box, and the second is that many have greatly increased profits after about 170 days of mining, buying, and selling.

How does it work?

Bitclub Network allows its users to mine and sell Bitcoins in the market, at the same time doing so in a very safe way thanks to the security of cryptocurrency in general. First, you pay for the membership, you can then get started on your Bitcoin mining operations.

For many, it may sound like a very complicated matter on how to use this service on your TV. But as you grow accustomed to it, it basically becomes second nature.

How does it fit with my Android Box?

The same steps apply as if you’re on your computer, but with the functionality of working on your TV rather than a desktop. Plus, depending on what model of TV you have, you can mine Bitcoin while you’re watching your favorite shows!

To download the app, you simply download it from the Google Play Store. And once it’s installed you can get started!

How can I get a good ROI with it?

With digital currency, they’re easier to get a high ROI especially if you’re willing to be patient. For example, if you have a single Bitcoin in your bank, it increases by a set percentage depending on the market status. After 170 days, the number of Bitcoin increases. It may be difficult for beginners who don’t have much to afford for a number of Bitcoins, but the longer it stays in storage, the larger it grows. Once the time’s right, your return on investment will indeed see a large number, leaving you richer than before!

With smart TVs and the Android Box, even if you don’t have a computer, all you need is the Bitcoin Network app, a TV, an internet connection, some cash to afford Bitcoins, and a lot of patience and careful planning, you can reap the rewards in just 170 days!

The Secret of Former Celebrity Addicts

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Methadone, while not as infamous as other drugs as heroin or cocaine, still poses a danger to individuals who seek to use it for its pain-reducing effects or for treatment in opioid dependency.  Methadone is an example of an opioid – these are substances that produce effects similar to morphine which basically numbs the pain receptors. Essentially, methadone is another type of painkiller.

 Methadone was first developed in Germany in the late 1930s by chemists Gustave Ehrhart and Max Bockmuhl, which was then approved for use in the US in the late 1940s. 

And by the 2010s, around 41,400 kilograms are manufactured yearly.  And since then, methadone is one of the more popular drugs for reducing muscular pain.


Addiction to Pain Medication

But despite its use in hospitals, individuals who use methadone for themselves often end up abusing them resulting in minor symptoms such as dizziness, sleepiness, sweating, and vomiting.  Fortunately, a simple methadone detox can help users get off meth fast over this addiction with enough time. Excessive usage can result in decreased breathing, abnormal heart problems, and worst of all, death.


A History of Celebrities Getting Caught With Meth

In the world of movies and music, some celebrities use pain medication such as methadone to treat bodily pains for long periods of time. Like before, methadone detox is one of the many solutions for overcoming methadone addiction. But with constant usage, it would eventually lead to addiction.

One of the more popular names for individuals who overcome painkiller addiction is Paula Abdul, who you may know as among the former judge of the now defunct TV show American Idol. Abdul revealed that her addiction lasted for over 12 years, and it began as a simple treatment for her back surgeries.

methadone detox

But how do these celebrities overcome these crippling addictions that would otherwise sink their careers? While many would undergo programs and treatments to detoxify their bodies of their addiction, others would prefer a simple lifestyle change and discipline to move past said addictions.

For example, Angelina Jolie recovered from her addiction to LSD by changing her diet to eating healthier foods such as vegetables and sushi.  Or Kelly Osbourne, who used dancing to help ease her mind from her past drug usage.  Or Nicole Richie, a hard-working mother whose busy job combined with her healthy diet and strict exercise schedule has helped keep her mind and body busy.  Or Jamie Lee Curtis whose remedy for her addiction to painkillers,  which is caused by her negative body image,  decided to make a lifestyle change,  eating right and exercising frequently.


Treatment for Methadone Addiction

In essence, the secret of these former celebrity drug users is more than just a simple trip to the clinic or spending money on costly treatments and/or drugs to counter drug problem. In the end, it’s all a matter of eating healthy, regular exercise, and discipline to stick to your schedule is key in overcoming addictions to drugs such as methadone.  And with enough time and effort methadone detox is easier than you would initially believe.

Hours In Front Of Tube Leads To Weight Gain

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With the increasing awareness of the benefits of leading a healthy life, everyone is in a rush to secure a healthier lifestyle that guarantees a state of general well-being. For most people, a healthy lifestyle involves eating healthy and exercising more regularly. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle entails identifying and tackling a broad range of potential health risks. Watching too much television is one such potential health hazard often ignored due to its seemingly harmless nature.

Over the years, numerous studies have conclusively established a direct relationship between excessive tv viewing and weight gain. This has driven many people to seek ways of managing their tv watching habits while others have devised ways of keeping fit while still enjoying their extensive tv programming. Such clever tactics include using weight loss supplements such as Nutra Forskolin. Anyone interested in this technique can view the TrySkinnyPills Review of Nutra Forskolin online and easily access all the relevant information.

Watching too much tv can drive weight gain due to several reasons. The most obvious are that it encourages a sedentary lifestyle spent in front of the screen. Since tv watching is inherently a passive activity that does not physically engage the viewers, the viewers are free to grab a snack during their viewing hence adding calories that are slowly expanded. These excessive calories can be physically exercised. Furthermore, excessive tv viewing also robs one of the time to prepare a healthy meal. In such a case, meals are commonly deficient of important nutrients that the body vitally requires. This habit is commonly associated with interrupted sleep especially among children and adolescents who stay up late mesmerized by the tv screen.

To prevent weight gain associated with tv watching, a change in the tv watching habits is necessary. A clever way for avid tv viewers to maintain their viewing habits while still burning calories is through the use of weight loss supplements. Nutra Forskolin is one such supplement that achieves this task by using Forskolin root extracts as the main ingredient to naturally boost the body’s metabolism hence speedy burning of the body’s accumulated fats. It’s manufacturers hail it as a quick, natural and easy way to lose weight and achieves a trim body. For additional information, one can browse and try Nutra Forskolin to determine its suitability with one’s situation. Even one hour of TV can cause weight gain.

Another approach is to change one’s tv watching habits by reducing the hours spent in front of the tv and substituting with physically engaging activities such as walking or swimming. Since this is a personal commitment, one is expected to be conscious of the hours spent watching the tv. Measures such as removing the tv from the bedroom can also reduce tv viewing especially during the night and facilitate better sleep.

If one finds it difficult to reduce the tv watching hours and does not prefer using Nutra Forskolin, one can then opt to be conscious about their dietary habits during their viewing. Also, performing exercises such as squats during commercial breaks or watching the tv while walking on a treadmill have also proven to be effective methods.

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